Wichita’s Choice for Dumpster Rental and Junk Removal

Keep Your Money, Lose The Clutter.

Finally, there’s a junk removal company that’s professional, and affordable. When we started White Glove Junk Removal, we saw the need to bridge the gap between the overpriced franchise operations and the fly by night companies. By putting customer service first and foremost, we have quickly become South Central Kansas’ first choice for dumpster rental, junk removal, and property clean out.

As a company, we value the environment and in our junk removal services, we make sure we work hard to recycle as much material as possible. In addition, we will donate usable items to local charities and keep unnecessary items out of the landfill. You can be sure that anything collected in your residential junk removal, commercial junk removal or property clean out will be disposed of properly and responsibly.

If you’re looking to do a property clean out, or if you’re remodeling, or just de-cluttering your basement, White Glove has dumpster rental services available. Our dumpster rentals are available for four or seven-day blocks. Our staff will deliver your dumpster to your home or business and pick it up when you are finished. Click here to see how much you can save on a dumpster rental.

Dumpster Rental

Want to save even more? Rent one of our dumpsters for less than anywhere else in town and fill it at your own pace. Perfect for that weekend yard clean-up project or home remodel project you’re working on.
If you’re moving, renting one of our dumpsters can make cleaning up your junk a breeze. Instead of packing up your old broken furniture, appliances, electronics, or anything else you don’t want to take, rent one of our dumpsters. You’ll be able to clear up more space so you take only what you need, helping to save you money on your move by only taking the essentials.

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Junk Removal

Our job isn’t just removing your junk, it’s giving you peace of mind! We can provide estate, rental, residential or commercial property clean outs. Our team of professionals can help you with the manpower and resources to get it done quickly and at an affordable price. What you pay is determined by the volume your junk takes up. Each truck measures 14′ x 7′ x 4′ or 15 cubic yards. That’s the equivalent of 10 full-size pick-up truck beds! Our prices are all inclusive too. Labor (up to one hour), disposal, and recycling are all included.

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Service Areas

We provide Wichita metro junk removal and dumpster rental. Areas included are: Wichita, north to Whitewater and Sedgwick, south to Mulvane and Rock, east to El Dorado and Rose Hill, and west to Cheney and Viola. See the map below for more details or call us at 316-258-8148 to see if we provide service to your area. No service charge applies for deliveries within a 20-mile radius of the White Glove main office.