How to properly choose a dumpster rental company.

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Renting a dumpster isn’t something that most people need to do all that often. Perhaps you’ve never needed to rent one before, or considered it. You start doing some searching and holy cow are there a lot of choices. Where do you start? We’ve compiled some helpful information to make sure you choose wisely for your specific needs.

#1 Shop Local

First thing to check for is to make sure you’re dealing with a local company that actually owns its own dumpsters. Many companies such as Budget Dumpster, Local Dumpster Rental, Heartland Recycling Services and some others are just middlemen that will ultimately increase your overall cost. Their business model is to take your phone call, help you reserve a dumpster, and then call a local company and mark the price up by a certain amount. When renting a dumpster, it’s always more cost effective to shop with a local company that services its own containers. Also, local companies tend to provide better customer service. If you have a problem, you’re dealing directly with the company providing the service, not a remote call center.

# 2 Find out what is included and what isn’t

Many companies have a lot of hidden fees that you need to be aware of. Often times the price to get your dumpster delivered is just the starting point. There are many companies that charge a delivery fee, pick up fee, rental fee, disposal fees and those will often be marked up substantially over the standard rate. Make sure you ask about these things before booking your dumpster rental. There are some companies that charge only a flat rate and as long as you don’t load the container really heavy, or put prohibited items in your dumpster, you’ll always know what your cost will be.

#3 Decide how long you’ll need your dumpster

Locally owned dumpster companies tend to provide the best overall price for your rental. Companies that specialize in residential dumpster rental and light commercial, such as White Glove, tend to do shorter term rentals. If you’re needing a container for a long time (several weeks or more) large national chains are more likely to have these options available.

#4 Find out if driveway protection is included in the price

If you have a concrete driveway, you probably want to keep it looking nice. Dumpsters have metal wheels that have the potential to scratch your driveway. The two options are to either put the dumpster in the street (which isn’t always practical or a good idea) or choose a company that offers driveway protection included in the price.