I love Christmas!  I’m that person watching Elf, listening to classic Christmas music, and decorating as soon as I can…often all at the same time.  Did I mention I love Christmas?  Decorating  inside and outside of my house is the best way to spend a day.  Santas, elves, minions, minions dressed like Santa, minions dressed like elves cause everyone to smile.  Christmas is just a happy time of year.  Except……all of those minions tend to clutter up my house.  I quickly realized I needed to add a step to my Christmas decorating.  Decluttering.

I was getting a little stressed as the Christmas decorations mixed with our everyday things, which resulted in a lot of clutter.  I kept adding to the clutter with each box of decorations I brought out.  The clutter was making decorating almost impossible.  I finally realized I had to declutter and organize before I could really enjoy decorating for Christmas.  I scheduled my own driveway dumpster and started cleaning house.  Decluttering first seriously made putting up those Santas and Minions even more fun…didn’t think Christmas Minions could get more fun.  I came across a great article  and this vlog with great ideas and tips on getting started with Christmas decluttering.  Happy Decorating!



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